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Obesity can make children a victim of high blood pressure, know its symptoms, causes and methods of prevention!

Screening & Treating Kids for High Blood Pressure: Bad lifestyle due to wrong eating habits, the problem of obesity has started appearing in children as well as in youth. It is a matter of concern if children become victims of obesity at an early age. Children can become obese due to diabetes, heart disease and asthma. But by improving eating habits and regular exercise, obesity in children can be reduced and this problem can be eliminated. Obesity in children not only negatively impacts their physical health but also puts them at risk of depression. Let’s know some tips to keep children fit-

causes of high bp in children

Genetic factors are responsible behind the problem of high BP in most children. Apart from this, due to many other diseases, children can also have BP problem. These include hormonal changes, problems related to the nervous system, heart disease and serious kidney disease. Apart from all this, a bad lifestyle and unbalanced diet are the major factors.

symptoms of high bp in children

According to a report published by NCBI, children suffering from high blood pressure have very few or mild symptoms in the initial stages. But as the problem progresses, the symptoms also become severe. At the same time, according to the published study of NCBI, only 2 to 4% of children are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. Symptoms such as headache, fatigue and dizziness are also considered symptoms of high BP in children.

Make a habit of eating nutritious and healthy food

Most of the children eat what their parents buy from the market. It is worth noting that most of the food items bought from the market are high in fat and sugar, which leads to obesity. Apart from this, soft drinks, fast food and candies also increase obesity. Feed children fresh fruits or vegetables instead of fast food, frozen food, salty snacks and packaged food. Make them a habit of eating healthy and nutritious food.

increase family activities

Most importantly, encourage family activities in your home. The whole family can enjoy it together. It also improves family relations. Additionally, children can be motivated for physical activities. Activities such as swimming or cycling can help keep children active.

reduce kids screen time

Children who spend more time looking at screens (mobiles, laptops, TVs) have a higher risk of obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV or playing computer games have a higher risk of becoming obese. Children are not able to get much time for physical activities due to spending more time on the screen. That’s why it becomes very important to reduce the screen time of children. Watching a mobile phone or TV for a long time also affects the health of the eyes.

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