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Revolt RV400 electric bike claims to run 150 km on single charge, know price and features

There is a long range of scooters in the Electric Two Wheeler segment, with which now the range of electric bikes is also increasing rapidly. Revolt RV400 is present in the range of electric bikes in the market which is making success for its long range as well as its stylish design and features.

If you like this electric bike or want to know about it, then here we are telling every small detail of Revolt RV400 price, features, range and specification which is important for you.

Revolt RV400 Price

The starting price of Revolt RV400 is Rs 1,24,999 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and when on road, the price of this bike goes up to Rs 1,53,503. The company is also offering easy finance plans to the customers to buy this bike.

Revolt RV400 Battery and Motor

The Revolt RV400 is powered by a lithium-ion battery back with a capacity of 3.24 kWh. A 3000W mid drive motor is paired with this battery. Regarding the charging of this battery, the company says that it goes full charge in 4.5 hours and gets charged from 0 to 75 percent in 3 hours. The company has also given the option of fast charging with this battery pack.

Revolt RV400 Range and Speed

Regarding the range of Revolt RV400, the company claims that this electric bike gives a range of 150 km once fully charged. A top speed of 85 kmph has also been claimed with this range.

The company has also given three riding modes in this electric bike, in which the first is Eco mode, it gives a range of 150 km. The second is the normal mode, which gives a range of 100 km and the third is the sports mode, which gives a range of 80 km.

Revolt RV400 Braking and Suspension System

The combination of disc brakes has been given in both the front and rear wheels of the bike, with which the combi braking system has been added. Along with alloy wheels and tubeless tires have been given. Talking about the suspension system, it has an upside down fork suspension system at the front and monoshock adjustable suspension at the rear.

Revolt RV400 Features

Revolt RV400 features Remote Start, Push Button Start, Digital Instrument Console, Digital Speedometer, Digital Trip Meter, Digital Odometer, Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity, GPS Navigation, Geo Fencing, External Speakers, Ambient Light Sensor, Battery Status, Parking Signal, Locate Mileage Features like motorcycle have been given.

Along with this, features like fast charging, internet connectivity, mobile application, artificial exhaust sound system, LED head light, LED tail light, LED turn signal lamp, DRL, projector head light and low battery indicator are also available.

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