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Taking more stress can increase the risk of bipolar disorder; Know the symptoms, causes and methods of prevention

Stress is a problem that worries many people. There can be many reasons for people to have stress problems. Including hectic lifestyle or high work pressure. On the other hand, taking more stress also increases the risk of many other serious diseases in people.

Today we will tell you about one such serious disease which is directly related to stress. Explain that due to stress, the risk of getting bipolar disorder increases manifold. Let us understand in detail about this disease and know by which symptoms this serious disease can be identified.

What is Bipolar Disorder?: According to health experts, bipolar disorder is a type of psychiatric disorder. This disease is also known as bipolar disorder. There are rapid changes in the mind and behavior of the patient suffering from this disease. For example, for a time the patient will be very sad and upset but after some time he starts looking very happy or anxious. That is why this disease is also called bipolar disorder and this disease also causes mood swings.

Apart from this, sometimes the situation becomes so serious that the patient is unable to control his behavior even if he wants to. On the other hand, according to a report by the World Health Organization, in the year 2019, about 40 million people were suffering from this serious disease.

symptoms of bipolar disorder

  • persistent change in patient’s behavior
  • patient under stress
  • irritability of the patient
  • Very happy in one moment and sad in another moment
  • weakness in body

These reasons can cause the problem of bipolar disorder

  • due to excessive stress
  • due to genetic problem
  • Due to constant changes in the brain
  • from drug abuse

treatment of bipolar disorder: According to psychiatry experts, people who are suffering from this disease need to keep their brain healthy along with their health to recover from this disease. Patients can also contact a psychiatrist, as well as to emerge from it, you should not take stress at all and do yoga and meditation daily. Apart from this, take special care of your diet and follow a healthy diet. By doing this your mind will also be refreshed and you will also feel relaxed. Doing this will help the patient to recover from this disease.

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