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There is a panacea in the kitchen to control type-2 diabetes, this little thing is of great use.

Due to today’s lifestyle, most of the people are complaining of diabetes . Most of these people are victims of type-2 diabetes. Not only the elderly but also young people suffer from diabetes. It is not possible to eliminate it from the root but diabetes can be controlled with some home remedies. Diabetes can be controlled even without medicines by making some changes in your lifestyle and with the help of home remedies.

Kalonji is of great use: Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) is easily available in everyone’s kitchen. Along with changing the taste of food, it can be used to control blood sugar. You can also eat Kalonji like this and can also consume it after cooking it in oil. Kalonji contains many beneficial antioxidants which control your sugar level.

If you want, you can also drink its tea. Cook 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds in water. Let the water cook till it reduces to half. When it is cooked, filter it and drink it. Consuming this tea on an empty stomach will be more beneficial. This tea can be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach or before dinner. It controls type-2 diabetes.

Other problems caused by type 2 diabetes: Obesity, wrong eating habits, junk food are the major causes of type-2 diabetes . In this era of technology, people have started giving more rest to their body, which is very harmful for health. This can increase not only the sugar level in your body but also other problems. There may also be diseases like blood pressure, joint pain, weak eyesight, kidney failure.

Follow these steps with treatment: People who are patients of type-2 diabetes need to take strict care of their food. Those people should consume only healthy foods. Apart from this, do workouts daily. Keep moving the body as much as possible, if possible, walk twice a day for half an hour at a fast pace. Do not let your weight increase, it can be a big reason for blood sugar.

Jaimin Patel
Jaimin Patel
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